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About us

About us

We are a movie information service and Other Entertainment website. The movies are the main popular entertainment media for people who tend to find movies in their favorite genre for entertainment purposes. At leisure or when relaxing The creators of this website are like that. is liking various movies And search for movie information, whether it is a video that has been uploaded in popular video media such as YouTube. causing to search for other movie information in the Internet which have to open many websites than to get complete information

That's why this website was created. to become a central information center for movies By focusing on collecting information about movies from many sources. so that moviegoers can get complete information in one place, such as

  • Movie making information
  • The plot of the movie
  • Movies trailer
  • Movie popularity from Vote or Views.
  • Movie Cast
  • Review and Vote of that movie

We are also a website open to the general public and members to vote or comment on the stats about the movie.

We also provide information about the most popular videos of each country. A large number of people come to visit.

In addition, our website also provides other entertainment services such as games Music and other entertainment media.

Data Responsibility

Our website is not responsible for any liability. If the displayed content of the illegal nature of the country, defamation of a third party , infringement of copyright , obscene, violent, or contains inappropriate content in any way If a site visitor is detected, they can promptly tell us to delete that information.

We not confirm the accuracy of data and we not responsible a damage caused by using information.

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